Ladies of Holbeck & Beeston Hill we need you!


The Women and Equalities Committee in Parliament are doing a consultation on the harassment of women and girls in the street.
Save Our Eyes will gather your stories and submit them on behalf of the community.

They want to ask us:

“What evidence, if any, is there of links between harmful attitudes and other behaviours such as paying for sex or using pornography?”

Please send us your stories!

Have you ever been kerb crawled?  Asked for sex at the bus stop?  Confronted near the chemists? Pestered by the Post Office?

Have you received offensive remarks because men in the area assumed you must be offering your services to them?  After all, why else would you be out in the street?!!

You can write about your experiences in the comments section below or email them to the Save Our Eyes Committee using the contact form.

Please send your comments and stories by 23rd February to allow us time to compile them for submission.

Thank you!

Contact the Save Our Eyes committee here.  This form is also for media contact enquires.


We aim to respond within 24 hours so please check your spam folder. 

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