Our randy white van man bought himself something extra for lunch on Tuesday 1st June!

The shocked resident says “The white van pulled up at the bottom Normanton Grove car park. Driver and prostitute got in back then the van was rocking. Then she got out and walked off up Normanton Grove.”

Residents here feel they can’t allow their kids to play out at half term due to men coming here to have sex with vulnerable women. It’s half term! Surely our kids should be able to play without predators roaming their streets?

A neighbour says “This is one of my huge issues: many children are being denied the basic right to play outdoors because parents keep them in for fear of what they’ll witness or pick up. Or on odd occasions they are out they are witnessing antisocial behaviour that they should not be seeing.”

Please share to let Randy white van man know that kerbcrawling and preying on prostituted women are not permitted in residential streets in the UK. Our children don’t want to see him in Holbeck again.

The managed zone has been closed for over a year and this street isn’t even in it. There is currently no tolerance zone for predators in Leeds.

Randy, your coveted “Punter of the Week” award is available for you to collect from the customer services desk at Elland Road Police station. We hope you like it!
leeds managed approach suspended
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