Well, well, well… what have we here?  This week’s happy punter is Mr Silver Audi driver, registration number MF08 ZVN.  He brought a whole new meaning to “paradise by the dashboard light” when he had sex on the back seat of his car with a local prostituted woman.  Sir, your prize can be collected from the customer services desk at Elland Road Police Station.

Our resident tells her story….

“This morning my husband was getting his van ready for work and saw the Audi pull up and park. He checked again after a couple of minutes and realised it was still there and very steamy.  He walked out and checked the car and saw them having sex in the back. He shouted at them to get off a residential street!  The girl got out of the back and walked away and the guy got out and got back in the front.”

He goes forward as a candidate for our “Punter of the Year” competition.  Who will win?  The people will vote and the winner will be announced at a star studded ceremony in Leeds Town Hall next January.

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