What kind of man pays for sex acts outside a child’s bedroom window at 9.15pm?  This one!

This week’s lucky, lucky winner of “Punter of the Week” is silver VW driver FT11 SWO.  He was caught by a local resident having a blow job in his car with a prostituted woman.

Our resident says “They were very relaxed as saw me walk past and didn’t stop. He had seat back so was in shadow but she had a pale fleece hood on her jacket.”

This was in a residential street where families live, opposite a child’s bedroom window.  Not any kind of discreet location or in the managed zone.  Please share to raise awareness that public acts of indecency are not permitted at any time.  Take women to your own homes, don’t park outside ours! 

Your punter of the week prize can be collected from the customer services desk at Elland Road Police Station.  

Our blow-job-eee goes forward as a candidate for the “Punter of the Year” competition.  Who will win?  The people will vote and the winner will be announced at a star studded ceremony in Leeds Town Hall next January!

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