Congratulations to this randy little chappie! Please share to let him know he’s the winner of our coveted Punter of the Week feature!

Silver VW registration NC05 0PX managed to kerb crawl a local mum while she was on her way to a meeting about the managed approach.

She explains “I was kerbcrawled by this man en route to a managed approach meeting.  Reported him on MA number. He saw me cross Jack Lane, by the time I got to Trent St he’d parked up with open window. I asked if he was looking for business, he asked me “Where can we go?  Is it safe?” I walked away and took this pic.”

Another local woman said “This car is always hanging around by the Royal Mail depo”  (near the managed approach area)

Punters cruising the residential streets of Holbeck is against the rules of the managed approach.  Any men breaking the rules are deemed to have consented to appear in our “punter of the week” feature.  On-street prostitution is permitted by LCC in a different area of Leeds between the hours of 7pm and 6am.

The competition for our Punter of the Year prize will be even more intense in 2019 than it was in 2018.  Can he win?  Only time will tell!  Please submit your kerbcrawler photos via the Save Our Eyes Facebook group.

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