We frequently find content on the punter’s forums that can at best be described as distasteful.  Here is another example of a “man” looking for a teenager.  Barepunting is a site for men who only have sex without condoms.

To be fair to him, he is looking for one that’s 16… but he’ll take a younger one if not.

The “powers that be” tell us that the managed approach protects women.  How could a 16 year old girl ever “choose” to have sex with this pervert without a condom? We believe the illusion of free choice is a myth.

We know that many punters prefer “women” as young as possible.  Regular readers may recall the incident a couple of years ago where a punter asked for a 4 month old baby.  Schoolgirls are regularly approached by kerbcrawlers and punters on foot, even when wearing school uniform during the day.

The managed approach draws men from distances of 100+ miles away, they roam through the residential streets of Holbeck & Beeston Hill looking for women to abuse.

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This screen shot and the ones below are taken from the Barepunting website discussion forum on Leeds managed approach.  Editorial use only.

Read 13 year old Katie’s story of a punter asking her for sex on Saturday morning at the bus stop here


Scroll down for more screen shots of the Barepunting discussion thread showing a 16 year old girl working the managed approach. 

Alice, a 17 year old with learning difficulties, was abducted from a bus stop and raped. Read her auntie’s account of what happened here

facts about Leeds managed zone for prostitution
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