Over the last year Save Our Eyes has been working with various groups locally and across the UK to draw attention to the realities of the Managed Approach for Prostitution.  We have exposed the impact it has on residents and businesses in the area, as well as raising our concerns about the way vulnerable women are being exploited on the streets of Leeds.

We have received assistance from the Conservative group of councillors on Leeds City Council and we are delighted to announce that they have now tabled a White Paper to prompt a debate and vote at Leeds Civic Hall.  Most Leeds councillors are expected to attend this debate on 14th November 2018. A debate is something we have called for repeatedly because the managed zone was placed into Holbeck without a full debate of our city councillors. We are very grateful to Councillor Amanda Carter and others who have been able to make it happen.
The motion calls for Leeds City Council to immediately make the MA work as it was intended or suspend the project completely. We believe that the MA does not benefit the prostituted women it was designed to help, the residents or the businesses.  At the moment all sides are suffering.  This summer there have been another three attempted murders of prostituted women as well as the abduction and rape of a local teacher who was apparently mistaken for a prostitute by kerb crawlers.
We want to see a Leeds where modern slavery is tackled by helping victims who are trapped escape, not be “worked” more “safely.”  We want to see our communities freed from the kerb crawlers who persistently follow female residents and even ask children for sex in the streets.
We want the streets cleared of the pimps and drug dealers who threaten and intimidate residents.  The time has come to build a better Leeds, a fairer Leeds.  We call on all Councillors to oppose the Managed Approach – or be willing to move to Holbeck and live amongst the filth, fear and chaos.  According to LCC’s own figures, over 9000 used, discarded condoms have been collected from the streets and parks of Holbeck & Beeston Hill so far in 2018.  That’s around 1000 a month and gives an insight into why the residents and businesses here are so outraged that their views and safety have not been taken into account.

We intend to hold a peaceful vigil at Millennium Square outside Leeds Civic Hall from 4pm on 14th November 2018.  We call on all Leeds residents to stand in solidarity with the residents of Holbeck & Beeston Hill.  The Facebook event is here

“If all European countries would see prostitution for what it really is, that it is part of men’s violence against women and a form of modern slavery, we would have a much better chance of fighting this crime.”
Simon Häggström, Swedish Detective Inspector, Prostitution Unit

Our Mission:

Save Our Eyes campaigns for the rights of all Leeds residents whose lives are blighted by the “managed approach to prostitution” which is currently located in the Holbeck area and spreading to other parts of the city.

We aim to become a community where residents are not subjected to daily harassment from kerb crawlers, prostituted women, danger from discarded condoms, needles and sex industry litter.

We aim to see prostituted women freed from the grips of a drug addiction that was created to enslave them. We recognise that the women who are prostituted would rather lead different lives and we support their wishes to exit the sex industry.

Both sides in this dispute want the same outcome: a peaceful life free from prostitution and abuse.

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