This weeks lucky “Punter of the week” is Mr Indecisive.  He drives a black BMW registration number YP64 YFD.  It took him a whole 2 hours of driving menacingly around residential streets to select a prostituted woman and take her away.

Please share to let him know he’s the winner!  His prize can be collected from the reception desk at Elland Road Police Station.

Our resident says, 

“Basically, he was a oldish Asian male, creeping about (on 3rd July). Driving around 5mph up and down round and round for about 2 hrs. Scary how desperate they are actually, there was a couple walking past and he slowed right down almost to a stop to look at the woman.

The prostitute he picked up was actually stood there a while and he drove past her several times, she looked like a mature lady which makes me think he was looking for someone younger. After a couple of hours he picked her up, he must have given up looking.

It was busy last night, I’ve noticed over the last few weeks there is more cars. 2 nights ago there was a car full of youngish lads around 18 to early 20s shouting “Where’s the red light district?” Its horrible.  There is no red light district, they need to stay away.  The residential streets where we live have never been in any tolerance zone.

Almost every day (worst on weekends and at night) me or my sister are approached. I’ve reported to the police several times, but they stop have a ‘laugh’ and joke with the women – almost looks like a flirt and they drive off, I also seen a police van beep and wave at one of them. Anywhere else in the city if you’re driving round early hours in the morning then you’re likely to be stopped on the suspicion of something.   We need the Police to enforce the ban on kerb crawling and harassment of residents. It’s relentless, no community should have to live like this.”

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