Welcome to Save Our Eyes.  We campaign for changes in policy in the UK’s first official “managed zone” for prostitution. 

The BBC3 documentary “Sex, drugs and murder” is filmed here.  The residents of Holbeck in Leeds would like their voices to be heard and their photographs to be seen.

If you think the contents of this website are not fit for your children then imagine what it’s like for the kids of Holbeck & Beeston.

Please be aware that we live with the problems of the FIRST “managed zone”… the  next one could be where you live!

On Friday night at 6pm my friend was approached near the hairdressers. A man asked her if she was looking for business. She said no and continued walking . The man followed her asking if she was sure. He continued to follow her down Brown Lane.”

3:30am on our street. Loud music being played in a car and a prostitute was giving oral sex to a punter. My neighbour told them to move on and they said “Why are you up at this time?”

I drive through the area on my way to work. I regularly see women who look off their heads out prostituting at 8-8.30am. What a sad sight in this day and age.”

Safer Leeds just can’t admit their experiment is a catastrophic failure. Everyone else knows it, but they just can’t bring themselves to admit they were, and still are, wrong about this.”

Reporting incidents

Please note that due to the corona virus pandemic the managed approach has been suspended.  Street prostitution is no longer tolerated in ANY part of Leeds.

All prostituted women, punters and kerb crawlers should be reported to the Police by calling the Holbeck MA team on 07534309568 or 999.

Please report prostituted women and pimps working in residential areas and those working outside the permitted "zone" hours of 8pm to 6am.

You can report via our group (below) or by emailing us at 

SaveOurEyes (at) outlook.com

If Police attendance is required please call the dedicated "zone" number 07534309568 - this is a mobile phone held by the Police officers on duty.  Call 999 if there is an emergency and no response on the zone number.  Please do not text photographs to this phone.

If there is no response on 07534309568 you may report that here so we can monitor the effectiveness of the dedicated line.

When i moved here 10 years ago it was a great place to live, now its filled with prostituted women, drug dealers and addicts, the police only seem to care about the criminals whilst our children are left to play amongst sex and drug waste – we just want our area back to how it was.”

One of my customers had just parked his car when a young prostitute opened his car door to ask him if he wanted sex.”

I took my dog to the park and he came limping back to me. He had a drug needle stuck through his paw.”

She spat in my face when I asked her not to have sex in front of my house.”

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